Feng Shui North versus South Half of the globe

The North South Half of the globe Question:

The topic of whether the direction of the Lo Skillet, Lo Shu ought to be turned around when connected toward the Southern Side of the equator has been tossed back a forward for a considerable length of time so lets consider the astounding contentions set forward in Qi Ideas.
Feng Shui started in China somewhere in the range of 3000 and 5000 years back. China is an immense nation anyway its arrangement is totally in the Northern side of the equator no part is nearer than 18 degrees North of the equator. There is neither real chronicled information, nor are there any records with respect to the utilization of Feng Shui hypothesis in the Southern Side of the equator. Proof just does not exist, so shockingly we need to discuss the inquiry, propose our speculations and settle on our own choice on what we feel good with. Positively on the off chance that you live near the equator, you should know about the contrast between the geological equator and the attractive equator, as I have effectively called attention to in the past area. The distinction can be very impressive as much as 12? of scope that is 720 nautical miles or 828 resolution in the event that you like.

Isogonics Diagrams demonstrate the attractive transition. It can extend from 0° to 30°. Strikingly the huge territory over China has no Attractive Variety. This chart is just to represent the variety in transition. To see a genuine case of an Isogonics Outline visit the English Land Society Site

On the off chance that you take a gander at the earth you can see that the earths pivot is slanted at point of 23.5? to the plane of its circle around the sun this is known as the ecliptic. It keeps up this tilt guiding unbendingly and parallel toward a similar point in space towards the Star Polaris. In the event that the point of the Earths pivot stayed opposite to the plane of the Sun then the Sun would be overhead at the equator consistently. This isn’t the situation in any case and we are screwed over thanks to it the manner in which it is.

The Earth circles the sun in 365 days. The suns evident movement crosses toward the North side of the equator for around for a half year cresting amid the late spring solstice on the 21 June, over the Tropic of Malignancy where it achieves its most extreme declination* North around 23? North. It at that point begins to decay and crosses toward the Southern side of the equator crossing the purpose of Libra around the 21 September. It proceeds with its circle South until it is over Capricorn around December 22nd, the winter solstice, where it is at its most reduced West point.( Switched for the S Half of the globe) It ought to be obvious from this now how the seasons are framed. (*the precise separation of the sun North or South of the Equator)

From this model, we can see that a great many people in China lived over The 22nd Parallel of North scope. This implies their perspective on the sun, from Quinghai Area North Focal China for example, on the 21 June would have been rising East North Easterly roughly 064? Genuine (24°N of E).

The sun would cross the sky, achieving its most extreme elevation of 74? at noontime, when it bears due South, and the returns over the sky Westbound where it sets West North West around 290?True (16°N of W)

Presently on the off chance that we consider the way that the most punctual school of Feng Shui was Structure School Feng Shui, which as far as anyone knows originates before the compass by in any event 2000 years and was worried about the geography of the scene utilizing the four heavenly creatures design we can see an example shaping.

We have in Chinese Structure School a course of action normally looking towards the noontime Sun/South our greatest wellspring of vitality and a definitive Yang. the wellspring of our glow and light. This is the Phoenix to the front Red/Orange its component is Flame like the rising and setting of the Sun. It is just common this would be the course for the Yang rooms of a home to confront. These eventual the rooms that are most dynamic and utilized amid the day.

They would be the most open rooms with the biggest windows The passageway corridor, lounge, family room, studio, patio, sundeck,

The Turtle is toward the North at the back of us giving insurance. Blue/Dark/Yin Cold and dim like the long far Northern evenings. The Dark Turtle generally speaks to the obscure side of the slope. It bodes well that this course with the least light littlest windows and being the most Yin ought to be considered the most reasonable for the Yin rooms of the house, for example, the rooms toilets restrooms store rooms.

The Purplish blue/Green Mythical serpent the shade of the Eastern fields and the China ocean, is to one side/East and the rising Sun, Its wood component is far reaching and speaks to the development of spring and the beginning of each new morning. This region is helpful for a kitchen being yang yet lesser yang than the South and useful for breakfast room, on the off chance that there is a greenhouse, at that point this is a zone for a vegetable plot or a plantation particularly on the off chance that they can be orientated to a southerly perspective.

The White tiger to one side/West, towards the frigid pinnacles of the Himalayas and the setting Sun. its metal component is illustrative of withdrawal and pre-winter it is yin, female, rationing and securing naturally. This is additionally a decent region for youngsters’ rooms and nursery particularly for the most youthful little girl.

It is generally simple to perceive how and why the antiquated Chinese designed their homes to look in these ways. This arrangement is similarly as relative today to homes in the Northern half of the globe as it as 5000 years back in China. In the event that we had the choice to manufacture our ideal home, this would be the setup we would be well on the way to pick, without a doubt.

The vitality example and characteristics of the sun’s clear movement in the Northern Half of the globe as saw down on the North Post is clockwise. Similarly, the real sea ebbs and flows and significant air streams the exchange winds and storms course a clockwise way.

(The World Climatic Diagram for July in the Office of the chief naval officer cruising Headings NP136 is a brilliant outline).

In congruity with the laws of nature; and along these lines balance, the Yin and Yang. The contrary exists in the Southern Side of the equator. In spite of the fact that the Sun will in any case ascend in the East, the Suns evident movement when seen from the Southern Side of the equator is hostile to clockwise. The real ebbs and flows and air streams are anticlockwise. The Sun, the significant wellspring of vitality is toward the North and the cool dim and shadows lie toward the South. The four seasons are not turned around for example Pre-winter, Summer, Spring, Winter as regularly expressed, yet supplement their contrary energies Spring and Harvest time, Summer and Winter, Pre-winter and Spring, Winter and Summer. The wave designs are repetitive, exchanging yet equivalent in recurrence and abundancy giving a dynamic equalization and generally speaking amicability. Sound judgment manages that you would not through decision manufacture a home confronting the chilly Yin South, the shadow side of the slope in the southern half of the globe.

There are various other ground-breaking marvels and precedents in nature that strengthen the possibility that the directions are switched in the Southern Half of the globe and we ought to be attentive of our environment and pay heed to and tune in to Nature and our condition after isn’t that what Feng Shui is about.

The world’s turn when seen from over the North Shaft is clockwise.

The world’s turn when seen from over the South Shaft is hostile to clockwise.

The Corriolis power turns around starting with one Side of the equator then onto the next.

The Sea flows alter their course of stream when they cross the equator.

Climate frameworks Tornados and Tempests spin in inverse ways in every Half of the globe.

The exchange winds change their flow on intersection the equator starting with one half of the globe then onto the next.

The gigantic upper air masses warm and extend and rise upward over the equator veer toward a path towards the shafts. Yang

The tremendous upper air masses get cold overwhelming and sink merging on the Posts, Yin.

The four seasons are inverse.

Plants and trees lean towards the sun the wellspring of all vitality a definitive yang.

The further North or South you travel as you approach the shafts the speed of the world’s pivot moderates Yin.

The closer you approach the equator the quicker the revolution goes Yang.

The further North or South you travel as you approach the posts the earths the earth becomes colder darker stiller Yin.

The closer you approach the equator the more brilliant hotter livelier, lusher and progressively invigorate more Yang.

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